Isaac Newton School January Round Up

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January 2017 at Isaac Newton Primary School

This month has been jam packed at Isaac Newton Primary School!

The children have been working incredibly hard and you can feel the focus and enjoyment in each and every class as you walk around the school.  The period from now until Easter is extremely important in each child’s development as we seek to consolidate learning from the last term whilst ensuring that each and every child makes the greatest possible progress. 

Sam ruddock shot putDuring the month of January the children enjoyed a special assembly with Paralympian Sam Ruddock who competed in the shot put in Rio.  Sam talked to the pupils about emotions and taught them that the way in which they respond to others feelings is really important.  Sam suffers with anxiety and discussed with all the children how he felt when he did not do as well as he would have liked at the Paralympics. He explained to the children that it was because he didn’t have the techniques to help control his anxiety.  It was a great example to the children and thank Sam and we wish him well in his competitions this year!

Some of our Year 5 pupils attended a Badminton Festival, they behaved impeccably and were a real credit to the school, well done to all involved.

A lot of pupils have told us that they are using Google to search for things on their internet kidrexready devices. There are safer search engines for children to use such and the children had a lesson about this and about staying safe on the internet. is a safer search engine for children. It uses Googles safe search facility and screens for inappropriate content. As with all search engines it does not always filter out all of the sites that may cause concern but does ensure that there is less chance of your child accessing parts of the internet that he/she shouldn’t.

The Year 3/4 children have experienced a particularly exciting visit to Lincoln. They behaved brilliantly and completed lots of practical activities in readiness for their topic this term.

Our Film Club has proved to be immensely popular, we had over 150 requests to join. This was an excellent turn out and we were delighted to see so many pupils.

Maths booster sessions are taking place in school 3 times a week in the mornings.  These are being taught by Mr Hill and as such he will not be on the playground as often as usual so if you would like to see him, please do make an appointment at the office on 01476 568616.

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