Isaac Newton pupils turn detective!

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Pupils and staff at Isaac Newton School have been busy over the past year establishing a woodland area to the edge of the playing field.  They have transformed an overgrown, unused space into a wonderful outdoor learning environment.

There is now a pathway through the trees allowing pupils to feel nature all around them and study the wildlife.

We are fortunate that this outdoor area is abundant with cherry trees, offering an excellent nesting ground for birds. We wanted to capitalise on this opportunity and begin an exciting learning experience for our pupils.

We applied to the Edina Trust for funding so that we can install some wireless camera bird boxes for the pupils to become detectives and study bird life cycles and watch them secretly nesting.  The funding will also supply us with a bird table, feeder, and many other supporting pieces of equipment.

Pupils have been concentrating on the caring side associated with animals, as part of their science development this term.

This exciting project will engage our pupils, teaching them about life cycles and wildlife behaviours, that they would not normally be able to access in this way!

Thank you to The Edina Trust.

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