Chicks hatch across the Trust!

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Sandon ChicksCaythorpe Primary and Sandon School pupils have been learning about the life cycle of hens and were thrilled with the arrival of their incubators and eggs earlier this month. Enchanted Forest Class and Neverland Class at Caythorpe Primary School, along with Oak Class at Sandon School, have been watching and waiting for their new arrivals! 

The schools took delivery of their batch of eggs from Rand Farm Park in the hope that pupils would see chicks emerging from their shells first-hand.

The excitement grew and by last Tuesday, two feathered friends had made an appearance at Sandon School, followed soon after by another four. Caythorpe's all arrived on the same day and the children were lucky enough to witness the chicks cracking out of their shells!

Chicks2Sandon's Oak Class Teacher Aimee Brummitt said:

"It was a good opportunity for the class to learn about the hatching process and watch the eggs in the incubator. We all had fun counting down the 21 days to their due date.

Their patience paid off. When we returned to school after the bank holiday weekend, we were delighted to discover that two had already hatched and were running around the incubator. The pupils were then able to gather around the incubator and watch as the other four eggs hatched. It was lovely for them to see the chicks pecking out of their shells."

The pupils who are all aged between 12 and 15, took their new responsibilities very seriously by taking it in turns to look after the chicks before the farmer from Rand Farm picked them up on Friday.

But it won't be farewell for long as the class have been invited to see how their chicks have settled in during a class trip to Rand Farm later this month.

Aimee added: "We are all very excited to see them again and to see all the other baby animals too”.

Please click on the photo below to see the Caythorpe chicks hatch!




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