New Zebra Crossing

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A new zebra crossing has been installed near to Isaac Newton School after years of calls for safety improvements.


Picture courtesy of Grantham Journal

Parents and Headteacher Paul Hill have said they are thrilled the new crossing is in place.

Mr Hill said: “We are delighted that the zebra crossing has been placed on Dysart Road. It increases safety for pupils on their way to and from school. We have discussed the way in which the crossing should be used in whole school assemblies and reinforced the need for pupils to use it safely. Parent/Carer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Parents agreed the new crossing is a big improvement for the road outside the school.
Diane Selby, who is the mother of a four-year-old girl at Isaac Newton, said: “It is much safer. A lot more people are using it and it’s a lot better.”

Daniela Weaver, a mother of two children aged 10 and four at the school, said: “It was always hectic along this road. People were waiting for the lollipop man to stop the car and that would hold up people on the pavement trying to get past. It was dangerous.”

Calls for safety measures have been increasing over the years as more more businesses open nearby and more heavy traffic uses the road.




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