Making it grow at The Garth School

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Thanks to the Edina Trust, The Garth School have been able to purchase a much longed for Polytunnel!115

Because of Garth pupil needs and them being visual and sensory learners, the school felt passionately about bringing the science curriculum to life for them. In order to achieve this, they wanted to offer the children on site gardening facilities. The pupils need to physically see the earth in their hands and the seeds and plants, to understand.

Now, with £500 from The Edina Trust, they have been able to show them plants growing inside their own polytunnel and this is helping them gain an understanding of gardening and the science behind it.

This project is to support Biology and specifically lifecycles of plants.  The students are practical learners and need to be involved in all aspects of seed selection, planting, care, and harvesting to gain an understanding of the plant lifecycle.  

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