Making it grow at The Garth School

Thanks to the Edina Trust, The Garth School have been able to purchase a much longed for Polytunnel!115

Because of Garth pupil needs and them being visual and sensory learners, the school felt passionately about bringing the science curriculum to life for them. In order to achieve this, they wanted to offer the children on site gardening facilities. The pupils need to physically see the earth in their hands and the seeds and plants, to understand.

Now, with £500 from The Edina Trust, they have been able to show them plants growing inside their own polytunnel and this is helping them gain an understanding of gardening and the science behind it.

This project is to support Biology and specifically lifecycles of plants.  The students are practical learners and need to be involved in all aspects of seed selection, planting, care, and harvesting to gain an understanding of the plant lifecycle.  

edina trust

Renewable energy at Woodlands Academy!

The Edina Trust have awarded Woodlands Academy £500 for their fantastic, forward thinking, ‘Natural Energy’ wind turbineproject.

Students and staff at Woodlands Academy have spent the last 2 years clearing and transforming a disused wooded area into a fantastic educational woodland environment. This outdoor facility now boasts accessible pathways, outdoor classroom sections, a large pond, a motion camera to pick up wildlife activity during nightfall, and 2 wireless camera bird boxes (also funded by The Edina Trust) so that students can study the birds and secretly watch them nesting.

ALL this work has been achieved through volunteering, sourcing free materials and gaining funding.

The pupils are interested in natural energy and have been researching how they would benefit from installing a wind turbine in the woodland area. They felt strongly that this would provide them with natural energy for evening/winter lighting to   enable extended teaching hours at the outdoor classrooms, and also provide power for tools & equipment in the woodland, specifically for woodland craft projects.

Thanks to The Edina Trust, we have been able to purchase a Wind Turbine and can’t wait to get it installed so that pupils can engage in this fabulous environment, using natural energy.

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Isaac Newton pupils turn detective!

boy with binoculars nesting birds2 nesting birds

Pupils and staff at Isaac Newton School have been busy over the past year establishing a woodland area to the edge of the playing field.  They have transformed an overgrown, unused space into a wonderful outdoor learning environment.

There is now a pathway through the trees allowing pupils to feel nature all around them and study the wildlife.

We are fortunate that this outdoor area is abundant with cherry trees, offering an excellent nesting ground for birds. We wanted to capitalise on this opportunity and begin an exciting learning experience for our pupils.

We applied to the Edina Trust for funding so that we can install some wireless camera bird boxes for the pupils to become detectives and study bird life cycles and watch them secretly nesting.  The funding will also supply us with a bird table, feeder, and many other supporting pieces of equipment.

Pupils have been concentrating on the caring side associated with animals, as part of their science development this term.

This exciting project will engage our pupils, teaching them about life cycles and wildlife behaviours, that they would not normally be able to access in this way!

Thank you to The Edina Trust.

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John Fielding School awarded £9,389 lottery award!

John Fielding School are thrilled to announce they have received £9,389 grant from The National Lottery Awards for All Scheme. This great news meant that upgrades could be made to the children’s playground area to improve playtime.

John Fielding playground2 John Fielding playground3 John Fielding playground

Pupil numbers at John Fielding School have increased over the years and this has resulted in new classrooms being installed to accommodate the new children. This in turn has resulted in the playground being fenced off in certain areas and therefore playground markings becoming un-useable.

This injection of funding from the National Lottery has allowed us to remove the old markings and lay new exciting fitness trails for the children. It has also included the installation of inclusive outdoor exercise equipment for the pupils to engage with during playtimes.

Karen Smith, Head of Site, “We are really grateful to the Lottery for this funding, it has made a huge difference to the pupils.  They are now engaging more at break time, interacting with their peers, all due to these fantastic new play facilities we have had installed.”

Awards for All logo John Fielding playground4 John Fielding playground5

New Primary School Consultation

Caythorpe Primary School’s governing body has applied to become an academy under the academies Act 2010 and is proposing to join The Community Inclusive Trust.Caythorpe logo screenshot

The formal consultation period will start on 6th September 2017.

The governing body has submitted an application to convert to academy status and is working towards a conversion on 1st November 2017.  The school is not obligated to become an academy until the contract between the academy trust and the Department for Education (known as the Funding Agreement) is signed. The academy trust will not sign the Funding Agreement until parents and carers of pupils at the school, and parents and carers of those pupils joining next year, staff at the school, and pupils themselves have had the opportunity to comment on the proposals.

Caythorpe Primary School has written to all parents and carers and have also invited them to the meetings on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at either 2pm or 5pm.  The meeting will also be open to stakeholders and staff to learn more about the proposals to become an academy, or to comment on the proposals.  They will be keeping pupils informed throughout the process via assemblies.  Any comments or representations which are made about the proposals will be considered by the governing body before a decision is taken to finally proceed with conversion and sign the Funding Agreement.

The governing body will not take a final decision to proceed with the conversion and authorise the academy trust to sign the Funding Agreement unless they are content that conversion would be in the best interests of the school taking account of all of the legal and practical ramifications.

For further information and to find out how to comment on the proposals, please click here…

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