At C.I.T. Academies we treat safeguarding our students as a priority. We believe all employees have a responsibility to be vigilant and listen IMG 0046to students if they are worried about any safeguarding issues.
Within C.I.T, every member of staff receives Safeguarding Training and all staff are made aware of the Designated Safeguarding Officer within their school.

Each School will ensure:
  • That all staff know how to access to the Safeguarding Policy
  • That all staff are clear how to follow procedures
  • That all staff receive annual Safeguarding Training
  • That safe recruitment practices, which provide for appropriate checks, are in place and adhered to
  • The designated person liaises regularly with the Executive Head of the Fellowship. 
If you have any safeguarding issues, in the first instant please contact the Designated Lead for the relevant Academy (details of which can be found on each Academies website), or if it is a Trust wide concern please contact the Designated Safeguarding Trustee, Peter Bell on 07850 256237. 
How safeguarding is included in the curriculumCharlieIce
C.I.T. promotes safety within our students by:
Every student receives PSHE lessons where subjects are specifically targeted. We also endeavour to cover a range of topics throughout the curriculum such as:
  • Stranger danger
  • Road safety
  • Medicines + Drug awareness
  • Sex and Relationships education
  • Internet safety
  • Bullying
  • Emergency services and first aid
At C.I.T. we are committed to giving our students the tools and knowledge that is required to keep themselves and each other safe from harm.
Please click on the link below to visit the Department of Education's guidance if you have a child abuse concern: