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Here is where you will find all of our current fundraising activities across The Trust…

Please have a read through and see what our schools are getting up to and the exciting projects they have on the go.
If you can spare a few pounds for any of the causes it would be greatly appreciated.

The ‘Greater GANF Run’


A 24-hour staff relay on Friday 17th July 2020 across 145 miles to raise funds for an outdoor ampitheatre in the Forest School.

During these times of austerity we all believe strongly in providing over and above the national curriculum for our pupils, and GANF Schools are hoping the #greaterGANFrun will result in invaluable funds to install the new mini amphitheatre for the children.

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Poplar Farm Primary School


In order to widen reading experiences for all children, capture their imagination as early as possible, and improve their education and literacy in school, we would like to purchase a wider selection of all colours from Oxford Reading Tree and Collins Big Cat Books.

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The Priory School


The Priory’s Forest School was created in 2010. It was further developed in 2016 with thanks to an injection of funding from The St. James’s Place Foundation. Local Business, Dalehead Foods have been instrumental in the creation of the Forest School through providing volunteers and funding.

Now in 2020, we need to make some repairs to the Forest School and upgrade the accessibility so that it can become an all-inclusive facility.

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The John Fielding Special School


We are trying to raise £6,000 to purchase new and engaging resources such as switch adapted toys. Switches serve a variety of purposes and will allow pupils to make choices, interact during lessons (i.e. turn the pages of a digital book).

Story Sequencers enable our pupils to follow stories and link characters and images to the plot. This project will help improve our children’s communication skills, their parents will also benefit as we create closer parent-school engagement, using Audio Diaries.

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Greenfields Academy


Greenfields employ a Play Therapist part time and this has proved significantly beneficial for pupils. Because of space constraints, the Therapist currently works in classroom when they are not in use. These restrictions only allow therapy for a small amount of children and is not ideal because the location is not perfect for confidentiality.

With the installation of a ‘Therapy Hub’, our aim is to raise the number of pupils accessing the service, improve confidentiality, and enhance the surroundings in order to increase positive outcomes for pupils.

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The Garth School


The Garth School currently have a sensory room that was created over 10 years ago. The equipment is used on a daily basis and is now in a poor state of repair. Many items have had to be removed completely and the room is now mostly used as a calming space for pupils.

The staff feel passionately about refurbishing this facility to provide a full sensory experience for pupils. 

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Caythorpe Primary School


The ‘learning through play’ equipment in the reception class has become worn and broken; no longer having the desired effect to capture the children’s imagination. The accessories to support the equipment have also dwindled over the years and are now almost non-existent.

Learning through play equipment is an essential part of Early Years development. They encourage communication skills and allow children the opportunity to develop speech and language skills as well listening skills. Children who engage in pretend/role play tend to have more sophisticated levels of interaction with others because of improvements to their cognitive development.

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Chapel St Leonards
Primary School


The closest libraries to Chapel St Leonards are in Burgh le Marsh and Skegness, both of which are six miles away. The school has no minibus thus makes visits extremely difficult to organise.

Our library moved from the old school hall into the hallway when the school building was renovated some years ago. This space is vast but we are in need of more furniture and immersive areas to revitalise and re-energise the library in order to engage the children.

We currently have around 2,000 books but the majority are old and need updating to match the requirements of the new National Curriculum. 

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Isaac Newton School


Our aim for this project is to prevent damage to our outdoor equipment in order to save money having to replace resources, and give a longer life to the equipment for future pupil use.

Our EYFS outdoor equipment gets dirty and broken because of being out in the elements all year round. We would like the opportunity to purchase storage that would enable our equipment to be stored securely and safely.

The interactive equipment in the playground is essential to encourage physical activity, creativity, teamwork and communication, thus extending their education beyond the walls of the classroom. Children are naturally curious and enjoy learning through play and exploration.

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Woodlands Academy


Engineering has proved a popular vocational course at Woodlands Academy with a number of pupils going on to study Engineering/Mechanics at College, and/or securing Apprenticeships. The hands on/practical nature of the subject really supports our learners.

In order to run this project we rent a small unit near to the school. With the popularity of this course/subject rising, we would like to expand our provision in order to offer engineering opportunities to more pupils. 

We are trying to raise funds to purchase a second hand vehicle and extra equipment.

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St Paul’s Community
Primary School and Nursery


Our project is aimed at supporting the emotional needs of the growing number of vulnerable, disadvantaged and “looked after children” (LAC) in our community, as well as supporting them during Covid-19 and post the pandemic. Finding it difficult to understand what is happening around them, these children are suffering increased anxiety and behavioural difficulties linked to this.

The staff are also concerned for pupils currently at home in isolation, and how they will cope with the return to school later in the year. By providing a multi-use hub for children and their support network to work together in a safe, non-threatening space will enable emotions/reactions to be explored in a safe and controlled way.

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