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Our Vision and Values

C.I.T - Community Inclusive Trust. Where learning comes first

Community Inclusive Trust is an education charity and not-for-profit sponsor of mainstream primary schools and special needs schools across the East Midlands. Our schools enhance the education provision of the community they serve and improve the life chances of the pupils who attend CIT’s schools.

We strive to be experts in our respective fields, in order to create a first-class infrastructure that supports and drives the highest standards in education and care. We provide the most enriching educational environment for all of our community to enable outstanding lifelong learning.

Across CIT we drive school improvement through HIGH LEVELS OF CHALLENGE AND SUPPORT.


All members of CIT are accountable for the following values:

We underpin all relationships with trust.
We celebrate all individuals, organisations and cultures.
We develop excellence in learning that is at the heart of the COMMUNITY.
We will be INCLUSIVE, nurturing and inspire everyone.

What does this look like in practice?
• Collaborative and inclusive working with a shared vision.
• Promote, share and harness excellence across our community, schools and services.
• Trust and respect other’s opinions and ways of working towards achieving our vision.
• Gain trust and respect by delivering on our mission.
• Embrace the differences in the way individuals and schools work and develop, serve their needs, to achieve outstanding outcomes.

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