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How many schools are in the Trust and where are they?
The Community Inclusive Trust (CIT) currently has 14 academies across East Midlands. The Trust consists of 7 mainstream primary schools, 7 special schools, and the LEARN SEND Hub.
Read more at: https://citacademies.co.uk/our-schools/

When was CIT formed?
The Trust was formed in September 2014, founded by two outstanding schools, Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship (GANF) – Ambergate Sports College and Sandon School.

What are your vision and values?
Our vision is to support staff to give every pupil what they need to thrive and be ready for the next stage of their lives.
Our values:
– Honesty and Integrity
– Aspiration
– Professionalism
– Inclusivity
Read more at: https://citacademies.co.uk/our-mission-vision-values/

What is a Multi-Academy Trust?
A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) operates more than one academy school. Academy schools are directly funded by the Department for Education and independent of Local Authority control.

CIT is an education charity working in partnership with local communities to provide not-for-profit mainstream and special needs education across the East Midlands.

How many pupils are in the Trust?
Currently, CIT educate and care for over 2,356 pupils. Over 1,500 primary school pupils and over 800 SEND pupils.

How many staff are part of the Trust?
Currently, CIT employ over 750 people.

What does the LEARN SEND HUB do?
LEARN provide bespoke CPD and school support through a wide range of specialist SEND and mainstream
colleagues, some of which is SEND specific, but their core focus is to ensure that every child receives access to high
quality education across the East Midlands.
Learn more at: https://www.learnsendhub.co.uk/

How do you maintain high standards?
Our schools enhance the education provision of the communities they serve and improve the life chances of the pupils who attend CIT schools. This is driven and supported by high quality central services and CIT’s in-house specialist SEND training provider, LEARN.

CIT ensures that each school within the Trust has a Health Check on an annual basis. Health Checks form the basis on which the school’s trajectory is measured, and is used to assess a full range of school activities.

Where do I find information about Safeguarding and Policies?
You can find Safeguarding information here: https://citacademies.co.uk/safeguarding/
All of our policies can be found here: https://citacademies.co.uk/cit-policies/

What services are offered to schools within CIT?
The CIT Support Hub offers a comprehensive suite of services including:
– School Improvement
– Safeguarding Support

– Finance & Procurement
– Projects & Estates
– HR & Payroll
– Governance Support
– Bid-writing
– PR & Marketing
– Health & Safety and Risk Management
– GDPR & Legal Support
– Wide-ranging choice of training courses provided via the LEARN SEND HUB

What makes the Trust unique?
CIT is a family of schools. We work together. The Trust has a Support Hub working for the schools delivering a suite of services.

The Trust also believes in offering over and above a national curriculum to all pupils across the Trust. With this in mind, since CIT was formed, grant bid writing has been viewed as an essential role to benefit schools and the pupils directly. Over £1.2m has been raised so far by the Fundraising Team, funding successful projects across individual schools in the Trust such as outdoor classrooms, minibuses, playground equipment, sensory rooms, and Forest Schools.

What do you specialise in?
CIT specialise in SEND and mainstream Primary provisions. We believe there is a need to inject choice into the present arrangements for primary schools and special educational needs. We understand the focus of the unique role of mainstream primary education in improving the life chances of all children.
Read more at: https://citacademies.co.uk/thinking-of-joining-cit/

What are the different types of SEND in your schools?

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