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C.I.T Policies

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Please click the relevant links below to view our C.I.T policies. For specific school policies please visit individual school websites. 

Policy NameAdditional Information
Additional Entitlement to Paid and Unpaid Leave
Acceptable Use of Internet Policy
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy
Annual Leave Policy 002
Anti Fraud and Anti Corruption Policy
Business Continuity Plan
Capability Policy
Capital & Revenue Reserves Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Code of Conduct
Communications Policy
Complaints Policy (General)
Complaints and Communications Policy (Parental)
Complaints Form Appendix A
Complaints Appeal Form Appendix B
Critical Incident PolicyPlease contact CIT
Data Protection Policy
Dealing with Allegations
Disciplinary Policy
Educational Visits Coordinator Policy
Equality and Diversity for Students/Parents/Carers
Exclusion Policy
Finance Policy
Flexibile Working Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Governor Expenses Policy
Grievance Policy
Health & Safety Handbook
Health & Safety Policy Manual
Looked After Children (LAC) Policy
Managing Absence Policy
Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace
No Smoking Policy
NQT Induction Policy
Pay Policy
Pay Policy Pay ScalePlease contact HR
Pension Policy LGPS
Performance Management Policy
Pooled Funding and Appeals Policy
Privacy Notice (Governors & Volunteers)
Purchasing Policy
Purchasing CIT Terms and Conditions
Reserves Policy
Risk Management PolicyReviewed weekly
Safer Recruitment Policy
SEND Policy
Sexual Violence & Harassment between Children
Sickness Absence and Sick Pay Policy
CIT Staff Handbook
Travel & Expenses Policy
Virtual Governance Policy
Vexatious Communications Policy
Whistle-blowing Policy
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