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EYFS CPD Training

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EYFS teachers using resources

On Friday 5th July, Trust Early Years Lead, Gayle Ellis, delivered CPD training to Early Years staff in non-trust schools.

The training took place at the LEARN SEND Hub. The one-day course focused on the importance of play. Children develop neural pathways strengthening both physical and cognitive ability during play. When children play, they learn to make their own decisions and solve problems, make connections and develop their social and emotional wellbeing.

The training covered the balance between different types of play and how these can be managed and supported within the classroom.

The adults on the course were tasked with ‘playing’ with current EYFS resources, therefore releasing Biochemicals in their brains!

They also learnt ways to support children with SEND in Early Years, looking at Language Development and strategies to support children with low language skills.

The session came to a close with updates from the Early Years Policy and how this informs teaching.

Rebecca Spencer – Early Years Lead at Ropsley C of E Primary School, said:

“The course helped hone my practise, revisiting strategies. It also gave me renewed enthusiasm for working in early years, reminding us of all of the important work that we do with (and for) the children.”

Matthew Dodsworth – EYFS and KS1 Teacher at Denton Primary School, said:

“Thank you for these resources, Gayle. Friday was a brilliant training session and there was a lot that we can put into our EYFS classroom in the future.”

teacher using EYFS resources
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