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Isaac Newton Primary School ignite their Great Fire of London topic

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Always a popular topic in Key Stage 1, Isaac Newton Primary School truly immersed their pupils in the history of the Great Fire of London with help from Nottingham-based theatrical group, Partake History.

With more than 30 years teaching and performing experience, co-founder Steven Adby led workshops for the Year 1 and Year 2 classes throughout the day in the school hall. Every pupil wore a costume whilst important roles such as King Charles II and Thomas Farriner were created to bring the story to life.

Steven took the group back in time to 1666, exploring the era before the plague struck with pupils taking the roles of rats and fleas! Thomas Farriner was then introduced, the baker who famously fell asleep whilst working.

Pupils created the path of the fire with ribbons before exploring how firefighters attempted to put out the rapidly spreading fire. As the flames continued to spread, pupils then pretended to row away from the burning city of London!

Squeezing the famous story into a one hour session, Steven ensured there was time for the pupils to experience how the fire was eventually stopped, burning out the plague in the process.

One Isaac Newton pupil commented: “This was amazing! I could really see what it looked like during the Great Fire of London. I love learning like this.”

You can read more about Partake History workshops via www.partakehistory.com


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