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Christmas Presents for Woodlands pupils

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52 Lives is a charity which helps to buy Christmas presents for people who might otherwise not receive anything.

In previous years they have helped to buy gifts for around 300 school children, and this year they decided to do even more.

52 Lives expanded their ‘Christmas Project’ to include a wider range of organisations in order to reach even more people in need. They are aiming to provide 1000 gifts this year!

With thanks to a member of staff at Woodlands who applied on behalf of the school, ALL our pupils received a Christmas gift at the end of term!

Headteacher, Alice Eyre, said:

“This was such a surprise! 52 Lives donated £1,095 to the school which meant we could purchase Christmas presents for all of our pupils. This act of kindness will make such big difference to our young people this year. Thank you.”

To find out more about 52 Lives, visit their website: https://www.52-lives.org/

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