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Foxfields awarded ‘All Together School’ GOLD Status

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Foxfields Academy are proud to announce they have been awarded the ‘All Together School Gold Status’ from the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

An ‘All Together School’ is a school that has been recognised for its work to reduce bullying and improve the wellbeing of its pupils over the course of the All Together Programme.

In order to achieve this status, Foxfields Academy, a specialist all through school for SEMH pupils (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) based in Blaby, Leicestershire, took part in a arrange of anti-bullying activities. Pupil’s views were gained in wellbeing questionnaires and anti-bullying became a prominent focus throughout the school.

Our pupil’s voices have been used to improve the support we provide and informed; the restorative approach we promote, our school’s anti-bullying policy, the planning and delivery of anti-bullying week and the activities included.

An integral task of becoming an ‘All Together School’ was for pupils to understand the definition of bullying;

‘Bullying is something that can hurt you on the inside or on the outside. It can hurt you on the outside by hitting you and hurting you physically and it can hurt you on the inside by name calling or hurting your feelings. Bullying is done on purpose, it is not an accident. It is bullying if these things happen more than once.’

Furthermore Foxfields’ pupils are able to recognise bullying, know how to appropriately respond to this and know what they would do if they or somebody else was being bullied.

James Ellis, Headteacher, said:

“We are extremely proud of our pupil’s role in achieving this award and look forward to continuously developing our anti-bullying practice.”

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