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Greenfields Academy win trampolining competition

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Five pupils from Greenfields Academy travelled down the A1 to Wilds Lodge School just outside Stamford to compete in a trampolining event.

11 competitors in total, each individual had two opportunities to execute their pre-designed routines with the highest score put forward to their overall individual and team total.

Yet, despite the competitive nature of the event, both teams worked together to provide advice and support for their opposing trampolinists with staff from the two schools commenting on the excellent teamwork and integration throughout the event.

Two pupils from Greenfields Academy were also performing routines for their GCSE coursework throughout the competition.

The overall result was as follows:


Wilds Lodge School 116 – 127.2 Greenfields Academy

 INDIVIDUAL EVENT (Greenfields Pupils)

1st Connor – 147 points

2nd Ashton – 134 points

4th Keith – 130 points

7th Abbie – 125 points

10th Lewis – 101 points

Well done to everyone involved for incredible teamwork, attitude and ability.

Click on the image to view the video highlights…


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