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Home Learning Highlights

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Despite the current Coronavirus situation presenting one of the most challenging circumstances in living memory, families around the county have been coming together to learn, play and cope with their ‘new normal’.

The C.I.T Academies social media accounts have been a hotbed of activities with families sharing their home ideas and games.

At the beginning of the week, we saw some brilliant Lego building creations in response to our first daily ‘Home Learning Challenge’ and parents adapting to working from home whilst entertaining their children.

One parent commented on Twitter, ‘The teachers make it look easy.’

Adaption was also the name of the game as a number of families came up with inventive ideas to keep themselves occupied. One family attempted to make an ‘Egg Parachute’ – take a look at our Facebook page to see how that ended!

We even saw a spot of metal detecting with a possible Viking relic being found!

As the week progressed, a number of wonderful rainbows started to appear but not just in the form of drawings – one family opted to paint their rainbows on stones!

And the fun continued with water painting on tiles, bowling at empty flower pots and creating trampolining routines to music.

Why not give some of these ideas a go yourself and share your efforts on our social media pages?

Keep positive and we look forward to seeing more amazing ideas next week!

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