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A parent/carer information evening was held at The Garth School in Spalding on Tuesday evening (10th May) to talk to parents and carers about the school merger.

The Priory and Garth Schools are due to formally amalgamate as of September 2022. They will be renamed Tulip Academy Spalding, across two campuses – Waterside Campus and Springview Campus. This planned amalgamation is part of Lincolnshire’s Special Schools Project derived to enhance specialist provision throughout the county.

This academic year the schools have been busy planning and preparing for the new schooI and appreciate many parents and carers will want to find out more information and ask questions regarding the process and what this means for their children.

Matt Bloodworth-Flatt, Executive Headteacher, along with Claire Moore, Senior Deputy Headteacher, and Will Scott, Deputy Headteacher, welcomed everyone to the event.

Mr Bloodworth Flatt said: “We had an excellent turn out, 39 parents and carers came to the event and we gave a presentation explaining that Tulip Academy Spalding will be a newly formed ‘all-needs’ school for children and young adults aged 2 – 19 with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities.

We talked to parents about the school being situated over two campuses (Waterside and Springview) and an important part of the evening was to explain about the school’s new mission of ‘Making every Moment Matter’ putting learners first, preparing them for their future and developing knowledge and skills which will allow them to thrive in adult life.”

Some good questions were raised by parents, new prospectuses for Tulip Academy Spalding were available for parents to take away with them.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it to the event, the full presentation, new prospectus, and Q&A can be viewed on the school’s current website here: https://www.spaldingspecialschools.co.uk/Tulip%20Academy%20Spalding%20.asp

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