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Chair of Governors for five C.I.T schools, will receive a British Empire Medal 

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Pam Powell is Chair of Governors for not one, or two, but five C.I.T schools across the county – Woodlands Academy in Spilsby, Chapel St Leonards Primary School near Skegness, and Greenfields Academy, Ambergate Sports College, and Sandon School in Grantham.

Pam will be receiving a British Empire Medal, after an education career spanning 40 years.

In fact, this year’s honours list is a bumper one for the academies sector, with Trust Chief Executives making up almost a fifth of school-related honours. As well as nine Academy Trust bosses, seven school leaders, seven Governors, four teachers, and one school Business Manager, being recognised.

Pam commented, “I am truly proud and privileged to receive this honour. I only ever wanted to teach apart from a slight wobble when I was in Sixth Form. I always remember the Deputy Headteacher saying – Pamela you have always wanted to teach so get on and do it – so I did!

I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching career. There is nothing better than seeing children develop through learning new skills; when they suddenly realise they can do something, it is quite magical.

Working with people who are passionate about education is the main reason I continue to be involved through my role as a Governor. My own parents were very community minded so I am happy to follow their example. My son is also a Chair of Governors at a Primary School so maybe it’s in the blood!”

Being a Chair of Governors for five schools is not the only volunteering Pam is involved in. She is also President of The Ladies Skegness Probus, Secretary of Ramsden Village Hall committee Old Bolingbroke, Chair of Old Bolingbroke and Haresby Parish Council, as well as being Clerk at The Gregory Croft Charitable Trust, who provide financial support to young people within their local area.

Pam has always felt passionately about bringing the community together so she embarked on a challenge last year, alongside a group of willing volunteers, to organise a regular Luncheon Club for villagers to attend in Old Bolingbroke. The first community lunch took place with 40 people attending! The event was held in the village hall and Pam and her colleagues even cooked and prepared all the food!

Pam’s education background has meant that she has a very strong understanding of Leadership time, and this has allowed her to help the schools she is Chair of Governors for, to focus and support them through the task of making sure three of the special schools remained Outstanding by Ofsted in recent years.

Pam has one son, Chris, and three grandchildren.

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