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Isaac Newton School complete their Marathon19 Challenge in the fight against Covid-19

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With only a limited number of pupils accessing school as children of key workers or recognised within a ‘vulnerable’ category, schools are coming up with innovative ways of keeping engaged with their community.

The brainchild of PE Lead Mrs Atter and the school’s Senior Leadership Team, Isaac Newton Primary School in Grantham decided they would try to complete 19 marathons (just short of 500 miles) in 12 hours as a school community by exercising within Government guidelines as they took the fight to Covid-19.

Aptly named the Marathon19 Challenge, staff, pupils and parents utilised a number of inventive ways to aid their mileage. From runs to walks, garden shuttle runs to treadmill exercise and even two hours running up and down the stairs by one member of staff, the school tracked their progress with ‘live updates’ on their website.

Excitement built throughout the day as the school community continued to share their pictures, videos and updates, before easing to their target with an hour to spare. The team eventually recorded 601.9 miles, almost 23 marathons!

Chris Heathcote, Headteacher of Isaac Newton School, explained: “The Marathon19 challenge was a great way for us to bring our school community together at a time when unfortunately we have to be apart. The response from all the staff, pupils, parents and carers was incredible and the fact that we managed to complete a combined total of 23 marathons in just 12 hours is amazing!

I’m so proud of everyone that got involved and hope that this has helped to lift the spirits of our school community at such a difficult time.”

(Miss Taylor deserved a treat after walking 6 miles up and down her stairs!)

You can watch video highlights of the day right here.


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