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Pupil varnishing a shelf

Mini Enterprise Number 1 – Sandon School:

Sandon School’s Apple Class have started up a mini-enterprise called APPLE CART CREATIONS!

The pupils, aged 11 to 16, decided to align with Sandon’s Eco School’s ambitions using recycled wood to create shelves and trays. Within their first week, the pupils made a whopping £80!

The children are fundraising for their ‘Life Skills’ area, to purchase some new kitchen units.

Items for sale are:

  • Large Shelf £7.95
  • Small Shelf £2.50
  • Tray £7.95

If you are interested in purchasing anything from APPLE CART CREATIONS, please contact Sue at Sandon reception on 01476 564994 or email enquiries@ganf-cit.co.uk

Mini Enterprise Number 2 – Woodlands Academy:

Year 8 pupils at Woodlands Academy have been constructing ‘Insect Hotels’, as part of their Design and Technology lessons, and they are fantastic!

The pupils would like to try to sell them to help kick start a Mini-Enterprise so they can self-fund materials and perhaps branch out onto further projects.

If you feel you don’t have any interesting features in your garden, an ‘Insect Hotel’ may be the solution! Insects pollinate our plants, fight pests and help break down organic matter. According to the Wildlife Trust, an average garden can harbour over 2,000 different types of beneficial insects. Providing a shelter for them, will help mother nature itself!

If anyone is interested in purchasing an ‘Insect Hotel’, please contact the school office:

Please call: 01790 753902 or email: enquiries@woodlands-cit.co.uk

Insect Hotel 1 – 110cm high x 164cm wide = £50

Insect Hotel 2 (triangular) – 120cm wide x 120cm high = £35

Thank you for your support.

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