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Putting down our pens and speaking up – spoken language in the spotlight for pupils at Poplar Farm School

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On 24th November 2021, children from Poplar Farm Primary School in Grantham put down their pens and pencils to take part in No Pens Day Wednesday; a national speaking and listening event organised by I CAN the children’s communication charity.

Children were excited to take part in a variety of activities, including painting, poetry, drama, reading, building and a whole school assembly where they locked their pencils away, allowing for all learning to take place through speaking and listening, rather than writing.

Kate Hodson, Headteacher at Poplar Farm School, explained:

“At Poplar Farm School we believe that speech, language, and communication skills underpin everything and directly affect our pupils’ life chances and for this reason we have been delighted to take part in No Pens Day Wednesday. This fantastic event focused on spoken language and listening activities and we have seen pupils and teachers taking part in a wide range of exciting lessons.”

Carol Payne, I CAN interim Chief Executive, said:

“Huge thanks go to all the pupils, staff and parents at [insert school / setting name] for taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday. Developing speaking and understanding skills are fundamental for learning to read and write, managing emotions, developing friendships and are vital when entering further education or employment. Following long periods away from classroom learning due to Covid-19, we are calling on early years, primary, secondary schools, colleges and families to get involved with their own No Pens Day Wednesday by putting down their pens, getting creative in the classroom and speaking up for spoken language!”

For more information, visit www.ican.org.uk/no-pens-day-wednesday


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