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Reading excitement dazzles at Poplar Farm School with new Book Vending Machine!

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The importance of reading has always been valued at Poplar Farm School with excitement levels fizzing when their new Book Vending Machine arrived at the beginning of term. Glistening in glitter, the subject is lighting up the corridors of the school in Grantham.

Financed by charitable events, including a parent’s mammoth running challenge, and the school PTA, the vending machine has been established as a motivator for children to read for pleasure at home. If a child reads four times per week, they will receive a raffle ticket. Each term, two tickets will be drawn from every class raffle and the winners will be able to choose a book from the vending machine to take home. Essentially, the more the children read, the greater their chances of winning!

Kate Hodson, Headteacher at Poplar Farm School, explained: “The vending machine has created great excitement in school – children are already deciding which book they would choose if they are a lucky winner!

Parents have already reported that children are requesting to read at home more frequently in the hope of winning.

In the first two weeks, the number of raffle tickets handed out increased massively from week one to week two  – the children are reading more!”

The books chosen are from a range of genres and authors to appeal to all children in school with staff recording excerpts from the books to help the children decide what book they would like to choose.


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